Posting the game

Our card game is ready to post, and the website explaining the cards is online now, too.

We’re just putting the game cards into packages to post out to our first set of groups. We like the design – Mary Hutchison of Tangerineblue did a great job of making them clear and friendly.

We couldn’t fit much on a card, so we’ve created a website to hold explanations of the cards:

We’re still putting explanations up, but most of them are there. We also describe some actions that we’ve deliberately excluded from the game. These might come up during the sessions, so we thought we should say why we left them out.

As you can imagine, we’ve been having some very interesting discussions about what to include, what to say about the options, and how to set their relative costs and carbon savings. There have been some “aha” moments even for contributors who spend a lot of time thinking about these things, a fair bit of disagreement and uncertainty, and plenty of worry about how to handle the fact that some actions are a poor fit to some buildings. Please tell us where you think we should make improvements.