We have a number of techniques for investigating buildings and their thermal properties.  In addition, a series of masters students have been looking at modelling heat transfer in our buildings.  They use Excel for their models so that they can easily be shared with the community. 

Sometimes we help community groups think about how to retrofit buildings to be more comfortable and energy efficient in the future, but we also look at what can be done immediately on less funding. Here are some of the kinds of problems we’ve uncovered for community building operators in the past:

  • Controls inappropriate for shared spaces, improperly set up, or not understood
  • misconceptions about how long it takes to heat building or about the effects of infrequent heating
  • not enough radiator output
  • radiator airflow blocked
  • incorrect plumbing on multi-boiler installations
  • pumps the wrong size
  • air locked pipes
  • stuck valves; hidden valve levers knocked; unbalanced systems
  • thermostats in inappropriate locations
  • hidden insulation never installed
  • miswired thermostats and missing/broken controls
  • leaking pipework in places that aren’t obvious
  • disused 1990s electrics always on
  • permanently open vents
  • no draughtproofing

We intend to add information about our techniques and modelling to this website. Here are pictures of the more photogenic options that say something about some of them.