For community groups

Do you want to understand what a net zero future means for your community building?

The Surefoot Effect and HeatHack are offering a new programme for community groups that will help them decide what’s right for their premises. 

a community group at work

To participate, you will need to have six people who want to be involved, plus permission from the building’s owners or management.  It’s really good if you can include some people who are involved in managing the building and some other building users. The insights that disabled and elderly users have can be particularly valuable, as can those of people running children’s groups and people who might be interested in using your building, but don’t already. Please do consider involving them!

The programme involves four two-hour sessions to answer questions like:

  • Are we using the heating correctly for what we do in the building?
  • How can we make people comfortable without damaging the planet or it costing too much?
  • What does the community need and is this building suitable?
  • What energy efficiency and heating changes are appropriate for how we want to use the building, and how can we plan to make them happen?
  • What can we do in the meantime to make better use of energy?

We will also help you plan and run a community engagement event that will start you on your journey and help justify future community grants.  You will be guided in the more technical matters by a volunteer engineer. This could be someone you find yourselves in your local community, but with the kind assistance of Engineers Without Borders, we can also try to find one for you. We will help you throughout and provide training for the group organiser and engineer.   

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What our first groups have to say about our new programme

“The cards were fun to use and produced a lively discussion with everyone participating.”

“…the group leader training … is very helpful so far…”

What communities have to say about HeatHack’s past programmes

 “[what we learned from monitoring] enabled us to amend our heating profiles such that the heating came on slightly earlier and more importantly switched off earlier… comfort levels for the occupants was greatly improved [at similar cost] through a more efficient use of the boilers.”  

Queensferry Parish Church

“Over the course of the past ten years, Christ Church Morningside has been most fortunate to have been able to benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Jean Carletta in all matters relating to the heating of our Church and its associated properties. Jean has a profound interest in all such matters, as a result of which she has been invaluable in providing wise, measured and balanced advice to the Church upon countless occasions, resulting in it being able to significantly upgrade its systems over time, improve their efficiency and, thereby, reduce its carbon footprint. She has been particularly effective in helping guide the recent replacement of the Church’s boilers, which also involved an extensive re-design of the associated pipework and other infrastructure, working closely with the appointed consulting engineer whom she also helped identify at the outset. Other examples over time have included helping reduce energy usage by some 30% by changing how boilers were used to heat our worship space and making minor changes to controls and other equipment so that building users could only influence the heating for short periods of time. Jean brings her good character and friendly and respectful personality to bear upon every discussion. As such, we would have no hesitation whatsoever in unreservedly recommending her to others seeking similar advice, help and support.”

– Michael Herriott, Factor, Christ Church Morningside (June 2022)

If you require a short information page to show your premises’ management, please find a printable .pdf here: