Our advisers

We are beginning to have offers of help with our programme from people who work in the relevant industries – sometimes because they have volunteered as engineers with our groups, and sometimes because they have heard about us and want to support what we do. They will only start to appear here gradually as we experiment with how to do this. We can approach companies with Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes to fill gaps, for instance. If you are a group with particular needs, do ask – we can’t help if we don’t know!

Stuart Llewellyn, Solar PV

Stuart Llewellyn, BEng (Hons), MPhil, MIET is an Electrical Engineer with 12 years’ experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy. A previous volunteer with Engineers without Borders deploying micro scale wind turbines in rural Peruvian communities, he now specialises in solar photovoltaic technology. Stuart is an ex Engineering Manager for a mega scale 800MW solar farm in the middle east, and a Senior Design Engineer of 60 rooftop design for a UK commercial and rooftop solar PV contractor. Currently he works in the consultancy sector for solar PV, offering technical advice, design and construction services to clients. He is willing to help participating HeatHack groups by answering ad-hoc questions about solar PV and to provide initial yield assessments and budget estimates so that they know whether it is worth pursuing.