Each community group will be issued with a thermal monitor labelled with a venue number – we don’t put the venue names anywhere on the web, because if a building is cold, that might tell thieves it’s a good time to visit.

There are three ways to check on the data. The data plots and CSV format files are updated once a week, but the basic check for recent data is “live”.

  1. A basic check that there’s recent data arriving to the web, to make sure the monitor is working:
  2. Interactive data plots for exploring the data. We can build lots of views of the data – for now we have only demonstrated a couple of things to some of the engineers. To see those, scroll to the bottom and try venue 11. We’ll improve this when data starts coming in with plots and other visualisations that answer obvious questions about the data, like how warm/cold it gets, whether it stays above dew point, and so on.
  3. Data in CSV format to download and plot yourself.

Some venues want to move their monitor around to different locations – because we’re a small project, we can only send out one each. There is a template for recording these moves that we expect to be able to use to separate out the plots later on.

As we demonstrate on the page (using fake data for now!) we can take building use data and use it to highlight when users are in the building. We show this just to find out if it’s something our groups want. If we build it, we will follow a specific template for recording the diary.