You can get a very good idea of what the programme is like from the materials here. If you want more, please ask!

Main materials:

  • Session Schedules that say exactly what to do when during each session, and who leads each slot, the engineer or the group leader – but they can also be adapted as required.
  • Leaders Guide that provides more details for the engineer and group leader and how to run the sessions, with links to things like health and safety information with a risk assessment template, a video explaining the activity for session 3, bullet points for the engineer talks, how to claim expenses, and so on.
  • Game Card explanations needed for session 2, along with the cards that we are posting out
  • Technology Guide for the engineer about how to set up and use our thermal monitors.
  • HeatHack Data Book to view and download the thermal monitor data
  • Google Drive public area with templates for things like diaries and meter reading logs, examples of how to plot data in Excel, a spreadsheet for seeing the session 2 cards at a glance, and so on. Tell us what you need.
  • Reading Materials that give more details about the concepts (like thermal comfort and heat loss) addressed in the sessions. We don’t know whether anyone wants these, and who the audience is – but it’s to show what we can provide if you do want it. Because we don’t know who the audience is, what we’ve written so far is sure to be the wrong tone. Tell us what you need! Our idea is to provide very simple explanations, and then practical links for groups plus technical links for engineers who want to know how professionals think about the concepts.
  • We’re also thinking of writing up a bunch of “technical extras” for investigations individual engineers might (optionally!) choose to do, like how to estimate the energy costs for room hires, how to tell if there are enough radiators in a space, and so on.
  • Finally, this website with our blog posts. When people ask us questions, this is the first place we will put the answers. We’ll also be putting up questions we have. You can follow the blog on the website or on social media.