Our Partners

We are working with the help of a number of kind partner organisations – they are doing everything from providing us with expert advice to helping us recruit groups and engineers for our community programme. Here are some of them.

The Surefoot Effect CIC

We are grateful to The Surefoot Effect for working with us on the “people” side of our programme and for supporting us to receive grant support, which they administer on our behalf. They deliver workshops, training, and mentoring that help helping communities, businesses and governments put sustainability and resilience at the heart of what they do.  Their Managing Director, Pam Candea, is so important to our programme that we introduce her as special member on our Team page.

Engineers Without Borders UK

Engineers Without Borders UK is working to reach the tipping point to ensure a safe and just future for all. Part of a global movement of over 60 Engineers Without Borders organisations, we inspire, upskill and drive change in the engineering community and together take action to put global responsibility at the heart of engineering.

Engineers Without Borders UK has very kindly agreed to help us find volunteer engineers willing to help community groups as part of our community programme.