First sessions running – are you next?

We’re extremely proud to say that our first set of engineers and group leaders have been trained, and we’re getting reports that they’re doing their first sessions!

Temperature and Relative Humidity sensors have been dispatched, session materials have been distributed and our games for session two are being printed as I type. It’s difficult to contain the excitement as the project that we’ve worked on for months now is starting to show fruit.

What’s next for us is to ensure that the groups that are running already receive the support that they need, while getting new communities paired up with engineers for the next round of training.

If you are part of a community with a large, difficult to heat building, please get in touch – likewise if you are an engineer (freshly qualified or a retired veteran, all comers are welcome). Or, if you’re just interested in what we’re doing, follow our Facebook page where we post news and updates.

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