Sharing thermal monitors

Engineers, there’s a slight wrinkle if you want to put two thermal monitors in the same building. We explain how.

Some of the engineers in the same locale know each other and intend to borrow each other’s monitors so they can see the difference between different locations in their venues.

We didn’t design for this, so each hub will send every reading it receives to ThingSpeak without adding information about which sensor unit sent it.

You can get around this by accessing a hidden menu on the sensor unit’s access point when you first turn it on to turn it into a stand-alone unit. Then you’ll have to pick up the readings every week or two, but you’ll be able to record the location as a string. If you want to do this, please contact us for instructions.

We’ve also worked out how to separate the sensor locations where the two sensor units have already been deployed together in the same building. You can see an example here:

The approach to separation works best if the second sensor is started 1 minute after the first one. Three sensors might work; any more would make separation difficult. The approach is described here:

We don’t have automated workflows set up for either of these options, so if you do share, you’ll need to explain what you’ve done and ask for help.