Finding an Engineer

We’re very impressed by the engineers who have been signing up for the programme!  We’re finding community groups for them, but we also need to help community groups in other locales to find engineers near them.

If you are a group without an engineer, we suggest you reach out through your community – notice boards, local Facebook groups and by word of mouth.  If you can’t find anyone this way then don’t worry, as we can help you.

With the help of our partner, Engineers Without Borders UK, we can ask engineers in your area whether they would consider volunteering for the programme. They’ve been great about finding engineers so far and are happy to be asked to look in specific locations. If they can’t find one, we have other tricks up our sleeves, like asking local employers.

To do this, we need to write an email and make a “social media card” about you. It will show what your community does in the building and introduce your group to prospective engineers. 

For these social cards we’ll need the following:

  • 1-3 attractive pictures showing (and importantly including people!):
    • Your building – this could be attractive to certain engineers for more than just the appearance – some with related experience might enjoy the specific challenge that a difficult building might provide.
    • Some of your group that the engineer will be working with, maybe in front of your building.
  • A short description of your building, what you do in it for your community, and any aspirations you have for the programme.
  • If your group has a set of Core Values or similar, please do add these as some engineers are looking primarily for community groups who share their values. Don’t worry if you don’t!

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – the Contact Us form on the website goes straight through to Jean and I, and we’re both always eager to help.

Featured image credit: This is Engineering on Flickr