Chance to chat about programme

Interested in the HeatHack programme? Need to know if it’s for you?

You’re welcome to join Jean Carletta, who started HeatHack.

Monday 31st July 2023 at 10:30am

This is an online event via Google Meet.

Who it is for:

  • Anyone linked to a community space seeking more specifics about the HeatHack Programme.
  • We are especially seeking venues keen to start in the coming months and who are aiming to complete the programme by February 2024.
  • Engineers keen to volunteer with the programme.

This brief introductory call offers a Q&A opportunity to learn more about what is involved when you sign up to the HeatHack programme.

Jean will provide further insight around the four sessions and discuss data collection from thermal monitoring, in addition to tips on how to engage your community members and find local engineers. Jean will help you understand what we require from you and what you get from us.

This project is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering under the Ingenious Awards programme.

To express interest or join the call please email:

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