Info for property managers

If a group of people have approached you about working with your buildings, we hope you’ll want them to take part in the programme.  The programme will work best if someone who is part of the team that makes decisions about the building participates as part of the group from the start, but if this is too difficult, the next best thing is for the building management to take an active interest in what the group reports they have found.

How you will benefit

If you allow them to participate, you’ll get the group’s assessment of what the future could hold for the building and a plan for what would need to be done when to meet that future.  You will also get a profile of your current heating and ventilation and how the building responds to it with some possible inefficiencies that can be raised with your suppliers.  Architects and heating professionals have told us that these things will help them work with communities better.   Finally, the group will be holding a community engagement event, and you can use the report from that to justify future bids for grant funding.

What you need to do

To support the group, you will need to allow them to meet in your premises for four two-hour sessions over the course of 2 to 4 months at times that they can manage.  They would also value access to WiFi and a projector if you have them. 

For their first session, they will need access to as many of your public spaces as possible as your boiler room and energy meters.  If you have past energy bills, any manuals or diagrams for your heating system, and floor plans and elevations for your building, the group would find them very useful. Ideally, for the second session they would be able to revisit the set of public spaces, or at least the ones that are hardest to heat. 

They will want to move a small battery operated temperature and relative humidity logger around the spaces  in your buildings, and if you have WiFi, they would benefit from being allowed to also plug in a small device not too far from the logger, using a spare mobile phone charger.

Finally, we would ask that you allow the group to run a public community engagement event to hear what your building users and wider community think about the future of  your premises.

How to find out more

If you have any questions about the programme, please email so we can arrange to talk to you about any concerns you may have.  

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